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The THREADS exhibition explored the symbolic significance of thread in human life by presenting contemporary art, ancient tools and graphics with Greco-Roman myths. These works encouraged contemplation of threads as symbols of personal and social narratives, from antiquity to the present and possibly into the future.

Our brief was to create three immersive audio experiences. The aim was to develop compelling stories that would immerse visitors in the fascinating mythological significance of threads in human life. Additionally, the audio pieces should link ancient times to contemporary art and the exemplary spinning tools on display in the exhibition.

Audio station Moiren

Our work began with the myths of Ariadne, Arachne and the Moirai. Our challenge was to adapt these stories in an engaging way for visitors to the exhibition. We aimed to keep each audio piece between 5–8 minutes in length, giving visitors plenty of time to explore the entire exhibition.

Visitors were able to experience these audio stories at specially designed listening stations. These stations allowed them to reflect on the significance of threads as symbols of personal and social narratives in the context of the artefacts on display.

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Tasks: Concept, audio book, direction, sound concept, app development, project management
Audio book: Christian Jacobi
Sound design in cooperation with: sounds fresh. gmbh
Photos: Henning Rogge

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